Teaching Reviews

Towards the end of each semester, students are asked to complete a teaching evaluation form. This is a summary of the results from the courses I’ve taught.

Instructor did an overall effective job. (on a scale of 1=strongly agree to 5=strongly disagree)

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Comments from students

“Professor Miller was excellent at teaching this course. He was very knowledgable about the topics and was always available for help. He always took time to work with me and helped clarify my questions. He really made me interested in a topic that I did not think I would enjoy. Overall great teacher that I would take a class from again.”

“I think this was a really good intro course that covered more than just ArcGIS and gave me a lot of options for me to use outside of class. Professor Miller is a great teacher, he makes sure we are all on the same page and also made class (and an otherwise dry subject) fun and interesting.”

“I have learned more in this class than I have in my entire GIS program. Brad is amazingly personable & knowledgable. He was always willing to help beyond the scope of class with just professional GIS questions.”

“Brad was an extremely helpful professor. He was very willing to help and always went the extra mile to explain & use examples. I know personally he has helped me to understand the material & never got tired of my questions. He was passionate about the material & seemed like he always enjoyed teaching us.”

“Good teacher. Understanding & Efficient.”

“He’s awesome!”

“Brad was really helpful during lab and always available if students needed help. A great teacher.”

“Brad is great and very helpful.”

“You, Brad, are THE BEST TA I’ve had at MSU. Please keep teaching – you’re amazing at it.”

“I learned a lot in this course and liked that Brad was always willing to help answer questions without telling us the answer immediately. This really helped me learn the material. He was organized and helped clarify things that were confusing (wording in the lab, etc). Overall a great first year at MSU!”

“I enjoyed this class and thought Brad did a good job. He made himself available when anyone needed extra help and was knowledgable with the topic.”

“Brad is Awesome.”

“Great instructor. I learned a lot!”

“Brad was always helpful and timely. This was my favorite course this semester.”

“Brad was an excellent teacher. He described every bit of information thoroughly. He gave us so much of his time outside of class to get extra needed help. He made coming to class enjoyable.”