• Particle Size Analysis Toolpack v2

    A zip file containing a suite of tools for analyzing continuous particle size curves from laser diffractometry.


    • export templates for Malvern software,
    • analysis template for recommended quality control procedure,
    • reporting templates for organized presentation of results with additional metrics, and
    • a data filter for removing the larger particle size peak from bimodal curves.


    Download the PSA Toolpack (4.7 MB)
  • Precision of soil particle size results using laser diffractometry

    Because laser diffractometry produces much more detailed data than does traditional pipette analysis, and because a much smaller sample is used in the analysis, precision or repeatability of laser-produced PSA data is a concern. The approach presented provides both a simple method for assessing the variation in PSA data sets and establishes a comparable standard for determining when additional measurements are needed to find a more precise result.

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